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At MNS we not only promote academic excellence, but nurture and value the whole child. We aim to equip and enrich each student with the tools and strategies with which to live by in a diverse and inclusive culture.

At MNS we conduct an admission assessment. We use the results of these assessments to make the best decisions for your child. We are a fully inclusive school and thus have the infrastructure and experience to meet the needs of all our students. Our aim is for all our students, regardless of any barrier they may have experienced, achieve successful, final IGCSE results.


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Complete the online form on this site or click here to download the form. We will contact you and set up a convenient time for a school tour and the admission assessment. You could also contact the school at: +973 1771 1444 .

MNS requires all information related to your child’s previous learning institutions, including past report cards, samples of student work and any additional learning reports (external assessments, participation in enrichment programmes etc.). As part of the admissions criteria, MNS may place a student on academic probation for a period of 3 days to 5 days, to ensure a successful placement for the student. Any such stipulation will be communicated to parents and acceptance sought.


Along with the above application forms, please ensure that you have the following ready:

  • Students passport & Visa
  • Student's Birth Certificate
  • Student's ID (CPR or Saudi Iqama)
  • 2 Recent passport size photographs
  • Father's and Mother's passport and visa
  • Father's and Mother's ID (CPR or Saudi Iqama)
  • Last School Report and Leaving Certificate - Attested
  • Vaccination Certificate


The assessment takes about two hours to complete and an appointment will need to be made with the school Admissions Manager. The results will help us decide whether we are able to provide each student the opportunity to progress and succeed.
Where Learning Enrichment is required, MNS will consider the need of the child and determine whether the school can meet the student’s need with the current staffing and facilities. MNS will strive to work with parents and students to facilitate admission to the school.
Assessment for the children to enter Nursery, Reception and Year 1 is based on overall knowledge and participation in various activities that reflect his/her emotional, social, motor, cognitive and physical development.
Assessment for children from Year 2 to Year 13, is based on online cognitive abilities test (CAT4), which is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to help students and their teachers understand the students’ academic potential. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning. CAT4 is a multiple-choice answer for English, Maths and a design and pattern test.

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Registration is open for 2023 - 2024 for classes from Nursery to Year 13.

Submit your enquiry here and one of our admissions team will contact you within 24 hours during school office hours.