Welcome to MNS Bahrain

Our Educational Goals

Welcome to Multinational School Bahrain

We are best.


Children’s learning and their well-being will be the focus of all our decisions and activities. We will do all we can to help our students reach their learning potential..


We will learn to live and work individually and together, cultivating strong caring relationships between students, staff and parents, which are founded on integrity, mutual respect, inter-cultural understanding and a commitment to peaceful and productive resolution of conflict.


International Values: We will engage our students in meaningful activities, which will lead to reflection and personal growth and where they can demonstrate the international values in real life situations and take an active role in making our world a better place.


We will offer high-quality teaching and learning so that students are prepared to compete in a global society.


Acknowledging the importance of excellent communication skills, we will teach our students to interact and communicate effectively with multiple audiences in more than one language and through a variety of approaches and techniques.


We will provide outstanding assessment of children’s progress and development regularly to parents and students to ensure that every child achieves their potential.


We will enhance and enrich our students’ learning by actively encouraging and supporting their participation in a wide variety of sporting, creative and cultural activities and events, which will develop existing talent and provide opportunities for new experiences.


We will choose and develop curricula, which are meaningful, challenging and internationally recognised, and which provide the academic continuity to support the key elements of our school at each stage of development.


 We will provide a physical and intellectually enabling environment, which is nurturing, stimulating, healthy and safe for the school community, that supports excellence in teaching and learning.


 We will provide high-quality and effective teachers and administrators and a board committed to excellence in education and aware of its responsibilities.


We will support a process of continual improvement in our school. Recognising that we live in a changing world, we will regularly assess and reflect on our practices, always striving to implement better and more effective ways to accomplish our Mission.


We will provide an inclusive, holistic and aspirational education for all children, regardless of ability, prior knowledge or background.

We Are Best Education School

“A good education is a foundation for a better future.– Elizabeth Warren

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