Welcome to MNS Bahrain



Multinational School’s salubrious campus in Adliya has a colourful history. Until summer 2013 it was home to the New York Institute of Technology and before that it was the US Embassy, so the buildings have some stories to tell. The school opened in September 2013.
The school was initially a large Primary School with a developing Secondary School attached to it. We offer the Cambridge Curriculum for Year 1 to Year 9 as well as IGCSE courses being offered for Year 10 and Year 11 students and AS/A Levels for Year 12 and Year 13. Our successful and ever-growing Early Years phase offers schooling for Nursery and Reception children.
The school is fully inclusive and has developed a Learning Enrichment Department that caters currently for over 30 students. The school currently has over 50 different nationalities represented amongst the staff and students. The Multinational School’s success is partly due to our philosophy on learning. Students' happiness and wellbeing are central. School is a joyful place, a community working with a common purpose while having lots of fun doing so. School is about educating the whole child and offering them every opportunity to grow. The whole community is driven by a culture of high expectations and respect, where everyone within our community can be successful.


MNS aspires to be globally recognised for its quality, diverse and inclusive education within a safe and respectful environment. MNS is committed to provide opportunities for our students to become active learners, achieve academic success and acquire skills necessary to become independent and responsible citizens of the world.


Developing a diverse community of global learners.
MNS will work with our community to create a happy, safe and academically stimulating environment where children are motivated to learn. By maintaining high expectations of ourselves and each other, our children and staff will be equipped to encounter opportunities and challenges with resilience and determination. We encourage and develop a curiosity about the world and strive to ensure that our children will contribute positively now and in the future


Students with particular academic strengths or those with specific Mathematics or language ability are identified by the teachers and engage in a cross-class programme that helps challenge and extend these students more. We expand our search and offerings into the arts too. MNS is a unique and special place for all who are a part of it. One only has to visit us to recognise that it is a happy school environment. We focus on producing a comfortable and safe space where our teaching and learning is wholly centred on each student achieving their best results.